Basic Woodworking with Marc Reeve-Newson


June 11


10:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Site 3 coLaboratory


Site 3 Co-Laboratory

718R Ossington Ave, Toronto, M6G 3T6

Toronto, CA, M6G 3T6

If you’re afraid of any of the big, loud, finger-severing tools downstairs this is your chance to learn to use them safely.

    If you’re afraid of any of the big, loud, finger-severing tools downstairs this is your chance to learn to use them safely and make something practical at the same time. The goal of the class is to learn how to use common power tools and explore basic woodworking joints (miter, rabbet, and dado).  Your end goal is to create a lidded box with internal dimensions of 3″ x 3″ x 4″ that you’ll be able to cherish forever (or hide in shame, but hey, the point of the class is to learn the tools).  We’ll start by learning how to use the planer and jointer to take a piece of rough lumber and turn it into a usable board.  You’ll then use the table saw, chop saw, and router to shape those pieces, and finally the brad nailer, clamps, and glue to put it all together.  If there’s enough time you’ll be able to sand down your creation, add some detailing with the router, and oil it.  This is a full day course, so expect to sweat.  And you’ll get lots of hands-on time with all the tools.  We’ll be taking a lunch break around 1:00.

      We’ll cover basic safety do’s and don’t’s.  Please be sure not to wear loose clothing or open toed shoes, and long hair must be tied back.  You can choose to make your box from ash, cherry, or walnut.  Ash is cheap, but quite hard, and likes to warp.  Cherry is also hard, but has a tight grain and a lovely colour when oiled.  Walnut is very easy to work with and darkens up beautifully.  This course will also get you familiar with and certified to use most of the woodworking tools at Site 3.  If you’re already a member at Site 3 you can get a discount on tickets.  Otherwise please buy a General Public ticket.  I also recommend you bring a plastic bag for taking your box home.

From Jane T, who took the class in May: ‘Thanks to Marc’s expertise, my friend and I both made our beautiful wooden boxes, just large enough to hold a weeks worth of chocolate or in my case, all the spare keys that get misplaced around the house.  We were instructed on the safe use of several pieces of machinery (at least 7), how to measure and set up the equipment for accurate results.  What a fun and exciting experience.  Would love to return to make another box from a different type of wood or become a member to create one on my own’

If you’re curious about Site 3 Co-Laboratory please stop by for our weekly Open House every Thursday evening, more info at After making their box some students use the laser cutter or CNC router to engrave it.   (But those are seperate courses.)