Site 3 is 100% volunteer run and is a registered Ontario non-profit organization. We are a community of makers, artists, inventors, tinkerers, learners, teachers, and much more. If this sounds like your kind of thing, maybe you should join us?

Membership Levels

The membership structure consists of three levels. All three membership levels pay the same monthly dues of $60 plus HST with different privileges for each membership level. We have a minimum 2 month membership period meaning your first and last month’s membership fees will be charged upon signup ($120 plus HST). Storage lockers are available at an additional monthly fee.

  • Introductory Members
    • Shop access on Monday 4:00 PM – 11:59 PM, Tuesday 4:00PM – 11:59PM, Saturday 12:00 AM – Sunday 11:59 PM, Thursday night Open House
  • Associate Members
    • 24/7 shop access
  • Core Members
    • 24/7 shop access and voting privileges

Membership Upgrade

To move membership levels will require active participation in shop operations and involvement in the Site 3 community. The application for current members is available at

Some examples of activities that earn credit towards Associate and Core Membership privileges, as well as how to keep them, are: 

  • Actively working in an Officer role
  • Actively leading a committee/team
  • Regular and active participation on a committee/team
  • Performing shop maintenance tasks (ex: refilling the water, returning empties or changing the toilet)
  • Teaching classes
  • Writing grants
  • Leading an art project at the shop
  • Participating in an art project at the shop
  • Leading a shop improvement project
  • Helping with a shop improvement project
  • Organizing a fundraiser, party, or event
  • Helping with a fundraiser, party or event
  • Representing Site 3 at an event
  • Attending and participating in SCUD (shop clean up day)
  • Regularly maintaining a tool
  • Learning to maintain a tool to eventually regularly maintain it
  • Giving tours during open house on Thursdays


Storage Lockers

Access to a personal locker will require an additional monthly fee:

  • $10 1/2 a red (small) locker
  • $15 A narrow tall (bathroom) locker
  • $20 1/2 a gray (large) locker


Please come by our open house on Thursdays 7-10pm to get a tour and sign up if you like – all new membership sign-ups must be completed in person. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Membership Inquiry