Resin 3D Printing Workshop


March 24


01:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Site 3 coLaboratory


Site 3 coLaboratory

718R Ossington Ave (down the alley, in the laneway), Toronto, M6G 3T6

Toronto, CA, M6G 3T6

Learn to 3D print high resolution models in resin using the Elegoo Mars! Create beautiful objects not possible in FDM printing.

Would you like to print your own Table Top miniatures? Do you need detail far beyond what classic FDM 3D printing can provide?

This class will introduce you to MSLA 3D Printing in resin using the Elegoo Mars Pro 2 resin printer.

This class will assume a some knowledge of FDM printing and slicers such as Cura. But it is not a hard requirement.

Included in this class;

-An introduction to how MSLA differs from FDM printing.

-How to choose and prepare your models.

-Setting up your slicer for MSLA printing on the Elegoo Mars Pro 2.

-Maximize your chances of a successful print.

-Cleanup and post-processing.

-Printing safely and the hazards of UV cured resins.

You will print and finish a small model of your choosing to take home as a proof of class completion.

After the class you will be able to use the MSLA 3D printer at Site 3 without supervision. You can then print 3D objects to be used in projects and rapid prototyping.

All attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop to learn on and setup Chitubox. A workstation will be available to share if you do not have a laptop.

Site 3’s resin printing is graciously sponsored by Elegoo.

Visit for more information on these great printers!