Welding 201

Learn to stick metal together with Site 3’s resident welding gurus, Shan and Renee. Join welding instructors Shan and Renee for a class structured around creating a small accent for your home. This 4 hour hands on class about welding will familiarize you with the welding process of your choice in an encouraging and positive environment taught by instructors with almost 20 years combined experience. Materials will be provided for a fundamentals lesson which will segway into a small but customizable build that you take home.

During this class you will be taught how to operate and conduct yourself safely with the following tools and techniques:- how to tack(quick burst of weldment meant to initially hold 2 pieces of metal together)- how to lay a bead/weld in the flat position on a T and lap joint- plasma cutter…think lightsaber and you’re pretty close- angle grinder: multiple attachments- bench grinder- air tools: multiple attachments- welding machine of the process of your choice. stick, mig and multi process- auto dark helmet- shear brake- hand tools such as but not limited to, chipping hammer, wire brush, pliers, magnets During class we’ll talk about the differences in processes and which you should choose for a particular task or build. No questions are stupid! Feel free to ask about anything you have in mind or anything that concerns you!

This class is intense! There’s fire, sparks, smoke, harsh UV light, molten metal and flying debris. You will get dirty! PPE is mandatory! So is a get ‘er done attitude!

The following is needed to take this class and must be adhered to. Boots, leather is great but construction boots are acceptable as well. Long sleeve cotton shirt. If you don’t want to wear used gloves then I recommend purchasing cheap garden gloves, the ones with a leather palm and cloth back hand. Long hair hanging below the shoulders need to be tucked away or pony tailed and must not hang in the front of your face. Jewelry must be removed before class. A waiver must also be signed before class starts.

Unfortunately our building which was built in the late 1800’s early 1900’s does not accommodate certain disabilities thus limiting the criteria of student available to take the class. Please contact us for alternative classes that can be possibly tailored to specific needs.